This Tool Can Help You Stay Focused On Your Goals

The best goal planning starts before the New Year

Marc Guberti


Few things feel as good as accomplishing significant goals in your life. People work for several months or years for their goals, and the achievement will make you look fondly at the mountains you had to cross to turn your vision into a reality.

Staying focused on your goals is a challenging process. People often get distracted and discouraged on their way to achievement. Setbacks can loom over anyone, but having the right tools can minimize obstacles and increase your focus. I recently came across the Perfectly Happy App, a resource that helps you accomplish goals and increase your happiness.

The Link Between Happiness and Goal Setting

Increasing your happiness will enhance your capacity to accomplish goals. A study from the University of Warwick concluded that happier people are more productive at work. Happiness increases our dopamine, a chemical in our brain that makes us feel more motivated. Our body also produces this chemical during exercise, explaining why athletes tend to raise the bar and strive to complete extra reps.

Happiness is the fuel that allows us to achieve our goals. This state of being boosts our motivation and gives us a more positive outlook on life and the challenges ahead. Unfortunately, some people view happiness as an end product of accomplishing a goal. This flawed belief system results in some people feeling sad or unsatisfied until they achieve the goal. We have to learn how to enjoy the journey and continuously search for reasons to be happy and enhance our happiness.

How The Perfectly Happy App Fits Into The Puzzle

The Perfectly Happy app reinforces happiness while helping you stay committed to your goals. The app provides proven tools and resources that tap into human psychology and goal achievement. You can create vision boards, jot your thoughts in a gratitude journal, and receive a steady stream of affirmations.

How Vision Boards Change Lives

People who set goals envision themselves at the end of the journey. They imagine themselves hitting the income goal, strengthening their relationships, and accomplishing everything…



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