The Fed Will Not Save Us From Inflation

I have lost all hope in the Fed, and who can blame me?

Marc Guberti
2 min readJan 14, 2022


I haven’t lost hope in myself and how I can respond to rising inflation. I’m in a fortunate position and refuse to squander it.

However, I have lost hope in the Fed, the government, or any entity saving us from inflation. Inflation is a worldwide problem, and I haven’t followed every countries’ response.

We were first told pumping trillions of dollars in the money supply wouldn’t cause significant inflation. It was no big deal. Then, we heard inflation would be transitory. Again, no big deal.

Now we are in the middle of 7% inflation. This high increase comes after 6.8% inflation from the previous report. Our inflation statistic doesn’t reflect reality. Some goods inflate at faster paces than others.

Gas prices increased over 50% year-over-year. Used car and truck prices increased 37% year-over-year. The median rent increased by 17.8% in 2021. House prices saw similar gains.

Inflation has been downplayed. Now, we’re in the thick of it. The Fed says it will aggressively raise rates to keep inflation in check. Any action sounds reassuring, but this same group took a long time to act on inflation. I’m not relying on them to properly steer the ship.

How I’m Adjusting to Inflation

I review my income and expenses often. In 2021, I cut my personal and business expenditures by 38.3%. This was the first year I prioritized spending less money.

After reviewing my year-end expenses, I deduced I can spend even less in 2022. Reaching my goal for expenses requires a 12.1% reduction. It’s doable.

A 12.1% reduction helps me keep up with inflation. I’ve cut down on business expenses considerably since 2021. Despite cutting down on expenses, I’ve expanded my income. You don’t need every tool or tech gadget in the world to grow your revenue.

I have always remained cautious with personal expenses. These days, I only spend on marathons and gifts for others (birthdays and holidays). When registering for marathons, I buy as little clothing as possible.

I’ll buy a single shirt to commemorate my participation. Most marathons provide a shirt in the registration fee. In these instances, I take the participation shirt and don’t buy anything else in the shop. I always have enough clothing.

I’m deflating my lifestyle without deflating my quality of life. There’s a big difference between the two.

I’m also writing more articles for clients and expanding my income. If you work on your income and expenses, you give yourself a better shot at beating inflation.

The government will not save you. Only you can save yourself.

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