I Use This 2 Week Schedule to Balance Freelance Writing with My Business

This strategy got me back to speed

Marc Guberti


After writing for myself for over a decade, I decided to shift into business freelance writing. The new path gained momentum in 2021 and became my main line of work in 2022. I get most of my clients via LinkedIn and reaching out to companies.

The work piled up, and I loved every minute of it. I get paid well to write and learn about topics I enjoy.

But what about my podcast, YouTube channel, Medium, blog writing, and other parts of my brand? For a while, I didn’t have much of an answer. I continued writing and decided to take a breather from daily Medium articles, multiple YouTube videos per week, and other demands from my personal brand. I still published podcast episodes and sent emails to my audience, but I was relatively quiet for a few months.

I’m using a new strategy that has been getting me back to speed with my content brand. I’m back to writing articles, creating videos, and doing everything else I was doing before I committed to freelance writing. I’ll share the strategy and some strategies you can use to manage a growing content brand with your career.

Clearly Identify What You Must Do For Your Brand

I did almost everything you can think of for a personal brand. I released numerous virtual summits with 50+ speakers, commented on a ton of social media posts for more exposure, created pictures in Canva, and posted on every social network (except TikTok. I never touched that one).

It was a lot, and I can’t possibly do all of those things now. I’d rather write for clients, but I also value my brand and the relationships I’ve built. Instead of seeing the brand as this conglomerate list of tasks, I broke it down into a few core areas:

YouTube, podcast, Medium, blog, LinkedIn, email list, and training courses*

If I work on those key areas, my business is doing well. I can’t address them every day, and if I receive more freelance writing work, I prioritize that work. However, identifying what you have to do for your personal brand gives you a foundation.

Less Is More



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