How To Utilize Facebook’s Most Underrated Feature

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Facebook is a sprawling social network with over 2 billion users. When most people talk about using Facebook for business, the conversation immediately heads towards Facebook advertising.

Their advertising is second to none in the social media space, but there’s a completely underutilized part of Facebook. Chances are you’ve seen it in action but haven’t taken them as seriously as you should.

This underrated feature is good old Facebook Groups. Some groups have hundreds or even thousands of targeted and engaged people within your niche. Find the right group, and you’ll find the exact place your target audience likes to hang out.

But Facebook Groups is an archaic approach to an innovative social network that is normally touted for its ads and live videos. Let’s take a deep dive into Facebook Groups and see how they can positively impact your brand.

Ask Questions

Many groups provide members the ability to interact and ask as many questions as they desire. Using that to your advantage will help you get the answers you seek and connect you with more people in the group.

I like to ask at least one question per day in one of the groups I’m in. This allows me to receive answers instead of conducting additional research to come across the same answers.

Asking questions always saves me time, and depending on the question, some answers also save me money that I would have spent. The questions you ask will be dependent on the group you’re in, but don’t be a lurker. As you join more Facebook Groups, you should set the goal to post at least 3 times per day into different groups.

Join 3 Groups Every Week

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No matter how many groups you are currently in, you are missing out on a big segment of your market. Joining three groups every week will help remedy this problem.

While it’s great to be very active in one group, it’s not always easy to maintain that level of activity for two reasons:

  • You need to consistently think of a question every day that you have about a single topic?
  • The other members of the group need to consistently ask questions that you can answer, and you need to provide your answer before someone else in the group provides the same answer.

It’s difficult to dominate a single group, so it’s better to diversify your efforts across various groups and being active in all of them.

Post At Least 3 Times Per Day Into Different Groups

As you join more groups, a problem emerges. How do you actively post in all of those group boards?

This daily habit is the answer.

By committing to posting in at least 3 different groups each day, you publish 21 posts in various groups each week. If you spread those posts across various groups while honing in on 1–2 groups, you can continue joining 3 groups every week and meaningfully contributing to them.

This strategy allows you to combine the quantity of groups with quality interaction. At first, it may seem difficult to post at least 3 times in different groups, but the more you apply this habit, and the more groups you’re in, the easier this will become.

Using Facebook Groups To Expand Your Business

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So far, I’ve positioned Facebook Groups as a place where you can ask and answer questions similar to Quora. However, the dynamic of these two sites is different.

On Quora, people move from question to question either to answer these questions or look at the responses. On Facebook, the community is more closely knit which makes it easy to build connections.

In one group I’m in, a member went above and beyond in answering one of my questions. I did some research on her and decided she would be a great fit for my Breakthrough Success Podcast. She ended up becoming a guest on the Breakthrough Success Podcast.

But Facebook Groups are more than just Q&A hubs with connection potential. Remember, if you choose the right group, the members represent the core of your targeted, engaged audience. To be more specific, potential customers.

With this in mind, pay more attention to the questions they ask. What types of questions come up the most?

By answering this question, you’ll access a treasure trove of content and product ideas. Wondering what your next blog post should be about? See what questions people are asking. Want to create a product with high demand? See what questions people are asking.

The best way to come up with the best ideas is discover what the best people in your niche want to know more about.

In Conclusion

When you read most articles about growing your business with Facebook, the conversation leans towards Facebook advertising and doing live videos.

Facebook Groups often get cast to the side, and yet they are one of the best functionalities Facebook provides.

By the end of the day, join at least one Facebook Group you weren’t in before. Post in a Facebook Group you’re already in. Get this habit down, and then incorporate three daily posts and three new groups every week. With these habits in play, it will be easier for you utilize one of the greatest opportunities Facebook has to offer for business owners.

What are your thoughts about Facebook Groups? Are you active in any of the groups you’re in? Do you have a question for me? Sound off in the comments below.

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