How To Increase Your Email List’s Engagement

#1: Weed Out People Who Don’t Engage

#2: Write Catchy Headlines

#3: Email Your Unopens

#4: Consistently Send Emails

#5: Get Better At Copywriting

  • Use bold font, but more importantly, bullet points
  • Focus on benefits, not features
  • Always think of your customer avatar when writing your emails
  • Ask questions
  • Have a strong topic sentence
  • Use a P.S. at the end of your emails because those get a ton of attention
  • Subscribe to copywriting experts’ email lists and pay attention to their copy

#6: Include The Link In Multiple Places

#7: See What’s Already Worked

In Conclusion



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Marc Guberti

Marc Guberti

Personal finance freelance writer -- I write articles for clients on finance, digital marketing, and other topics