How To Grow Your YouTube Channel With A Funnel

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Your email list is the most important asset you have. It’s the one thing that will lead to the majority of your revenue.

Digital marketers hammer that advice into our minds day after day, and for good reason…the email list is that important.

But if you only focus on growing your email list, you’re leaving A LOT of money on the table.

I believe that everyone should focus on growing their email list and using that email list to grow their YouTube channels. Yes, you can make money by promoting products and services to your email list. I recommend doing that too, but few people use their email lists as a way to grow their YouTube channel.

Let me explain why this is so powerful…

While there’s more competition on social media than in the inbox, social media’s advantage is discoverability. If you drive some initial momentum to the social media post, that post will start to get more traction.

And few social networks have the same attention-grabbing power as YouTube. People watch 3.25 billion hours of content on this platform each month, so people are sticking around for a while.

Using your email list to grow your YouTube channel will help you with discoverability…and with that discoverability, you can grow your email list even more.

That’s what I call a positive loop.

So where does this thing called a funnel come in?

A funnel starts with an opt-in page. That’s the page where you’ll get something for free in exchange for your name and email address.

The funnel continues with the redirect page people will see after entering their info. This page usually says something like, “Thank You For Subscribing,” but I prefer making money from this page and providing value at the same time…so I usually include an upsell with a 15 minute timer.

After that stuff happens, someone then receives an email from you. This is the welcome email that gives them the free thing you promised to give your new email subscriber. Here’s what you do next to grow your YouTube channel with this funnel…

  1. In that welcome email, invite people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. If you prefer to promote your upsell in your first email, go right ahead, but I prefer free value first. Getting people to subscribe to my YouTube channel gives them a variety of content to consume in between emails.
  2. In the free thing you give your audience, try to mention your YouTube channel and videos. If you write a guide, include a certain tip in that guide and then say something like, “Watch this video on my YouTube channel for even more insights on this tip.”
  3. If you follow the PLC email sequence, make your prelaunch content YouTube videos on your channel that invite people to subscribe.
  4. Each time you send free content to your list, make that free content YouTube videos so those free content emails help grow your YouTube channel.
  5. In your YouTube videos, promote an opt-in page. It can be the same funnel or a different funnel depending on how deep into funnels you want to go. The same funnel will work, but if you want to set up a different funnel knowing that someone has already subscribed to your channel, you can change the messaging and place a stronger emphasis on other calls-to-action (i.e. why would you tell a current YouTube subscriber to subscribe to your channel again).

If you are wondering what you can use to create your own funnels, I strongly recommend starting a free trial on ClickFunnels. It has everything you need to create optimized funnels that drive more traffic and sales to your business…not to mention growing your YouTube channel.

If you need help with creating a funnel that brings more traffic and sales to your business, let’s jump on a free strategy call to see how I can help with your funnel. I have done for you and coaching services available.

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