Hack Your Mindset To Publish One Podcast Episode Every Day

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Podcasting is one of the best ways to grow your business. You get to create new content, connect with influencers, and learn from them.

I learn more from my interviews than from the books I read. That’s because I get to ask very specific questions which results in very specific answers.

If I want to improve in an area in my niche, I can interview someone good in the area and ask them my questions. My podcast is set up so that most of my questions are also my listeners’ questions.

Making the shift from a weekly podcast to a weekday podcast allowed me to interview five times as many people. This allowed me to meet many new people and expand my knowledge.

But one thing I noticed is that I spend significantly more time working on the podcast each week. While I am very grateful for my podcast’s success, five times the guests means five times the work.

When I eventually turn Breakthrough Success into a daily podcast, that will mean even more work. If you have a weekly podcast or don’t have a podcast at all, this is how you can hack your mindset to publish one new episode every day.

The Shift To Weekday Shows

Once I got comfortable with interviewing people on Breakthrough Success, I knew that I wanted to interview more people. Before I turned Breakthrough Success into a weekly podcast, I hosted two virtual summits.

At the peak of those summits (I couldn’t resist), I interviewed dozens of people within a week. Since I interviewed so many people during the virtual summits, it was easier for me to turn Breakthrough Success into a weekday podcast.

I know you may not have had the luxury of hosting two virtual summits. However, you can easily make the shift. It’s not as hard as it seems.

All you need to do is interview at least five people each week. If your interviews are 30 minutes each, that’s just 2.5 hours every week. It’s not that much to ask for since there are 168 hours in a week.

My interviews are closer to 45 minutes which means I just need 3 hours and 45 minutes each week. I batch 80–90% of the interviews on Wednesdays and schedule one interview on Monday and another on Thursday to have more insurance content.

It’s important to build up your insurance content because if you take a two week vacation and can’t create new episodes, you’ll rely on the built-up insurance content to continue providing your listeners with new episodes while you’re on vacation.

With that said, you’ll need to do five times the work to make this happen. My approach is to write introductions first so I know how to gear my questions. I tend to think of questions during my free time and type them on my smartphone.

I no longer think of questions while on my computer. I think of the questions during commutes and while walking. I will then type the same questions from my smartphone onto my computer.

Accounting For Expenses

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You may be wondering why I don’t just go from a weekday podcast to a daily podcast if I want to do it so much. The answer to that question is expenses.

I hire a show notes writer and an audio editor to create a smooth experience for my listeners. Before I consider turning Breakthrough Success into a daily podcast, I need to boost my revenue — especially revenue that I generate from my podcast.

When you 5X your episode frequency, you 5X your expenses. I can easily support a weekly show but a weekday show is more difficult. While I can still keep Breakthrough Success running, I need help. That’s why I created a Patreon Page to take contributions for the show.

If you are interested, you can become a patron here and help support Breakthrough Success. I am very grateful for all of my patrons and offer several bonuses and exclusive content just for you being a patron.

Monetize Your Show

There are several ways to monetize your show. One of the ways I monetize my show is with Patreon. While I monetize in other ways as well, I use Patreon because I see it as direct podcast revenue.

It’s not indirect revenue like if you promote one of your products in the intro and/or outro of each episode. I will use the intros and more often the outros to promote some of my products, but I don’t use ads.

I believe ads interrupt the experience, and I’d rather promote my own products than use someone else’s ads. That’s my preference.

If you want to make your podcast a weekday podcast, you need to monetize it. If you don’t, podcasting can become a very expensive hobby. It’s a hobby even if you’re building healthy relationships with influencers in your niche.

If you will spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month on your podcast, you need to make revenue from it too.

Of course, you can choose to edit your episodes and write the show notes yourself. I prefer not to perform those tasks because I can pursue more revenue generating activities like creating classes on SkillShare, growing my email list, and leveraging affiliate marketing.

In Conclusion

It’s possible and extremely beneficial for anyone to host a daily podcast. You get to interview at least 365 people every year. Think of how much you’ll learn from doing that.

In my case, I’d be asking specific questions and receiving specific answers for 11.4 days each year (273.75 hours). You make a living through a formal education. You make a fortune through self-education. If you do it right, podcasting is the best method of self-education you’ll ever utilize.

What are your thoughts on hosting a daily podcast? Do you have any advice for us so we can reach that level? Do you have a question for me? Sound off in the comments section below.

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