Get Off Your Smartphone And Do This Instead

This principle will make you happier and less stressed

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Chances are you’re reading this on your smartphone. If not, you probably have your phone nearby.

We have become attached to our devices because of what our world has become. Instant texting, news updates, and back-and-forth emails are some of the many capabilities each smartphone has to offer.

Smartphones can provide us with an incredible amount of information, but with an incredible amount of options also comes overwhelm.

Eventually, your mind will get fatigued and you’ll be busy rather than productive. So many things to keep up with and no time to observe the world around you.

Technology has advanced us in many ways, but almost anything used too often loses its value. The smartphone is no different.

Similarly to how you have to recharge your smartphone, you should also recharge yourself. A personal recharge has two major elements:

  1. No work for a day

Some people call this a digital detox. For at least a day or longer, you remove yourself from your smartphone, desktop, and work. During this time, you can explore new hobbies and rekindle old ones. You can read a book or do some long-term life planning.

A digital detox is helpful because of what you can do and what you can’t do. In addition to utilizing your time differently, it will be much harder to consume the news, compare yourself to others, and get overwhelmed by the work, notifications, and endless social media posts.

Some people go on Digital Detox Retreats where they’ll stay away from their devices for weeks at a time. Starting with a Digital Detox Day every 1–2 weeks is a great way to add this habit to your repertoire.

Eventually, you’ll use your smartphone again because they have become integral parts of society. Each digital detox gives you a break that will leave you recharged and revitalized. Most importantly, each digital detox allows you to stop and smell the roses.

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