Follow The Money, Not Your Passion

We have to be smart about this

Marc Guberti
4 min readJan 25, 2022


It’s time I clarify a few things.

People make money doing things they love. I enjoy writing and make money from it. It’s entirely possible to make money doing what you love.

However, some people interpret “follow your passion” as “forget about the money.”

We’ve heard fairytale stories about founders starting their companies in garages. You don’t hear how their founders’ parents gave them money and quick access to incredible networks. No business executive is self-made.

We hear about how these people struggled for years before hitting their big payday. Then, the money kept rolling into their pockets.

However, they picked industries with significant income potential. That’s why the money ended up coming.

We All Need Money

Money helps us afford basic living expenses. It helps us travel on vacations. We can even buy time with it by delegating some of our tasks.

We’ll need plenty of it by the time we retire. Especially with transitory inflation not being so transitory.

Advancing in your career puts more money in your pocket. However, making money isn’t enough. Some people take a higher income as a sign to expand their lifestyle. Live humbly and save money.

Don’t Give Up on Your Passion

Do you like to draw art or play music? You can make money with those skills. However, you may not make enough money in the beginning. Some people eventually make full-time incomes with these projects. They then quit their jobs after much thought.

I’ve had many guests on Breakthrough Success talk about how they left their jobs behind. Guess what we all talked about? Money.

Some were making more than enough money from their passion for covering expenses. However, they continued working at the job longer than necessary.

Housing costs, utility bills, and groceries don’t care if you quit your job or get laid off. Some people went into their passion full-time after getting laid off. The layoff provided some of my guests with the final push to make full-time…



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