A Challenging Question With Many Possible Answers

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Moving is not an easy decision. You’ll have to save goodbye to the people and area you’ve been in for years. For some people, this is the exciting part about moving, but for most of us, it’s gut wrenching.

A new, unknown area awaits us, and we are so comfortable with our existing premises.

But moving can provide a variety of benefits depending on where you move. Perhaps better weather, more to do, and a lower cost of living.

The lower cost of living has been a major selling point in recent years with people fleeing places like California and New York for the more affordable Florida and Texas. …

Personal And Professional Growth Today Without Regrets Tomorrow

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We all have personal and professional goals. We want to earn the 6-figure salary, work more flexible hours, and achieve career milestones. At the same time, we want to spend time with friends, pursue our passions outside of work, and have experiences.

What will you do? We are all faced with this question and opportunity cost emerges. Every minute you spend with your friends is another minute you can’t grow in your career.

Every minute you’re working is another minute you can’t be with your family.

Work gives us purpose and can be very meaningful if we choose the right work. Family, friends, and the things that make us happy are incredibly important for living a complete life. …

Money hacks that will help you build wealth

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Saving money is an important habit regardless of how much money you make. If you don’t save your money, your income doesn’t matter as you’ll end up in the negative either way.

Saving money gives you the flexibility to invest remaining money and buy more experiences for yourself such as vacations.

But how can we save money without it being so painful? Many people think they have to make enormous sacrifices to achieve financial freedom, but that’s not the case.

Adapting your approach and using your money smartly is critical to saving money and achieving financial freedom sooner than most. …

Chasing money can be toxic unless…

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It’s no secret that we need money, and studies suggest money buys happiness. However, there is a cap to how much money buys happiness and how much money we need for our lifestyles.

Researchers pegged the number at $75,000. Any money over $75,000 doesn’t add to your happiness. More money leads to more experiences, but the money accumulation itself doesn’t provide additional happiness.

This is where we get into the toxicity of chasing money and hustle culture as a whole. …

Low risk investments that generate solid cashflow

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Dividend investing is a popular investing strategy that puts the primary focus on cashflow. You can buy stocks today that will pay you for years to come.

While these stocks have the potential to appreciate, they also have the potential to depreciate. Some investors have no problem with a high risk high reward set-up, but most dividend investors tend to do everything in their power to avoid high risk situations.

Dividend investors tend to focus on safer investments that will consistently pay and raise the dividend. …

It Has Nothing To Do With Recent Events

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Twitter has drastically changed as a social network since I first joined many years ago. Twitter was the place where strangers became friends while Facebook was the place where friends became strangers.

I grew my Twitter account up to over 400,000 followers and it became a big segment of my business. While this strategy involved following people back in large numbers, this approach allowed me to have real conversations with real people.

People were enjoying my tweets and I enjoyed engaging with my audience. I still enjoy talking with my followers, but something has gotten in the way…


I’m all for people expressing their opinions, but when a platform gets toxic, that doesn’t mean I have to stick around. It’s one of the reasons I shifted my attention towards other social networks so my brand wasn’t reliant on Twitter. …

Diversify your income for extra safety and growth

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Many people aspire to make 6-figures. For most people, that income is enough to pay off their living expenses and have some leftover money for entertainment and experiences.

But getting a 6-figure job isn’t necessarily the best way to make 6-figures. That’s because most people at 6-figure jobs have all of their income tied to one income stream. If the company struggled and suddenly had to lay off people, your income would quickly plummet from 6-figures to nothing.

While most people tout jobs as safe ways to make a living, they don’t live up to the description. Having all of your money coming in from your job is the equivalent of investing all of your money into a single stock. …

There’s only one way to guarantee you lose money

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Every investor understands the importance of getting your money to work for you. Investing money now gives you the potential to reap long-term gains that will compound over time.

With so many investments to choose from, I decided to focus on stocks. In fact, almost all of the money I make goes directly into stocks.

That’s because the one way to guarantee that you’ll lose money is to keep it tucked away in the bank. Not only does inflation eat away at the U.S. dollar’s purchasing power each year, but with all of the money we printed out of thin air, the U.S. …

Making the shift to digital freedom

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2020 forced many people to work virtually for the first time. While it was bad circumstances that created this shift, more people got a taste of what it would feel like to work from anywhere.

People have desired the ability to work from anywhere and create their own schedules long before 2020. Now people are more privy to the opportunity and it no longer feels like a pipe dream. In fact, more companies are shifting to virtual roles or making it optional to show up at the physical locations when the post-pandemic world arrives.

Start With Increased Flexibility

Not everyone can make the immediate job to working in-person for someone else to working wherever they want. The starting point is to increase your flexibility. …

Lessons from getting monetized on YouTube

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It finally happened.

After years of inconsistency and short bursts on YouTube, I finally became consistent over the long haul and surpassed 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 365 days.

This milestone allows me to apply for monetization and turn YouTube into an additional income stream.

Most of the growth happened recently. In the past 90 days, viewers watched my videos for over 1,800 hours. Of those 1,800 hours, a little over 1,000 hours came within the past 28 days.

If you’re wondering how you can hit 4,000 hours of watch time for your YouTube channel, keep reading.

Listen To The Algorithm

This growth wasn’t entirely by luck. …


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