Amazon killed the rumor, but it was fun while it lasted

Just when the bear was peeking out of his cave (me), Amazon squashed the rumor. People speculated Amazon would enable Bitcoin payments because they listed a crypto related job.

Speculators did their magic and briefly got Bitcoin back up to $40,000 per coin. However, the rally died out due to overextension and Amazon’s eventual response.

Despite this, Bitcoin still trades higher than it did before the Amazon rumor. With the major catalyst gone, you would think Bitcoin would return to the pre-rumor price point. However, that hasn’t happened.

Some will argue that Tesla holding onto their $1.3B Bitcoin position helped…

Even a bear like me *might* buy…

I’ve been bearish of Bitcoin for years, and for good reason. When Elon Musk alone can rapidly move the price of Bitcoin with a single tweet, and you hear people saying Bitcoin will reach $500,000 and $1 million in a year just for clickbait YouTube video titles, it looks like a bubble.

Along the way, Bitcoin’s many narratives have changed over the years. At one point, it was touted as a currency. At other points, it was depicted as an inflation hedge like gold. However, Bitcoin’s too volatile for currency status or to use as an inflation hedge.

The unregulated…

Buy and hold doesn’t always work…

Most investors preach a buy and hold strategy where you look for solid companies and wait several years for them to realize their potential. It’s a simple strategy that allows you to avoid the emotional side of investing.

At least, that’s what people tell you.

Buy and hold works for many investors, but caveats exist. In investing, there are no absolutes, no one way of doing things. We all have different levels of risk tolerance, financial goals, and stages of life.

Too many variables exist to say buy and hold works for everyone. Some people can weather a stock market…

Pick a day to bust out your content…

Writing 10,000 words in a single day is a game changer for many writers. It’s a week’s worth of articles, a short nonfiction book, or significant process in your fiction.

Your output as a writer will skyrocket if you can write 10,000 words on at least one day per month. That’s not to say it’s either 10,000 words or bust. Most writers should produce at least 1,000 words of work each day. This adds up to 30,000 words per month and 365,000 words per year.

Small increments allow you to reap significant gains. An additional 100 words per day gives…

It’s time to reassess your portfolio

Stocks aren’t for everyone. While these assets can generate significant returns, some people lose considerable money in the stock market. New investors have flooded into the stock market, and while it’s great we got a surge in new investors, some investors have limited experiences with crashes.

Although the stock market crashed in March 2020, the stock market defied reality and quickly recovered. New investors today didn’t hold onto stocks during the Financial Crisis.

If the stock market goes down, it’s bound to recover in a few months. That’s what we are conditioned to believe based on how the market has…

From a self-described introvert…

I was at a conference shortly before lockdowns started and got into a conversation with a fellow podcaster.

To my amazement, he mentioned he was an introvert. You’d think it’s strange for a podcaster to be an introvert because you’re supposed to talk on a podcast. But I told him I was an introvert as well.

I’ve come across a bunch of podcasters who are more introverted than extroverted. Despite interviewing over 1,000 people, I’d classify myself as an introvert long before saying I’m an extrovert.

To be fully clear, being an introvert is perfectly fine, and it’s perfectly fine…

Expanding your horizons makes writing much easier

It’s obvious why many writers limit themselves to a few topics. After toying with a bunch of ideas, they concluded that certain topics perform better than others.

Personal finance and digital marketing related content perform well for me. That’s part of the reason I continue to write about those topics. People don’t care as much when I write an article about my experiences as a runner.

That’s why I occasionally slip those thoughts into personal finance and digital marketing related articles. However, after writing so many personal finance and digital marketing articles, the ideas just seem to blend together.


Abandon ship!

Now is not a good time for growth stocks. They’re incredibly overvalued by history’s standards. While an overvalued stock can become even more overvalued, inflation has put a dent in those plans.

Excessive inflation hurts many stocks, but it hurts growth stocks the hardest. Part of the reason is that growth stocks maintain their frothy valuations because of expected future earnings. Inflation erodes those future earnings and decreases the purchasing power of that money.

Higher inflation eventually translates into higher interest rates which increases the cost of borrowing money. …

No one should stop working…

Work is an integral part of our lives that provides many people with a sense of purpose. Some people see work as a necessary evil and dream of the day they can finally retire.

Heightened life expectancies and rising prices make the traditional retirement more difficult by the day. While this sounds frightening, a new viewpoint towards retirement can ease those worries.

Always Produce Earned Income

Retirees rely on cashflow to fund their lifestyles. They invest in dividend stocks and rental properties. They simultaneously collect social security and pension payments.

For some people, the cashflow is enough to live comfortably. …

A deep question for any ambitious person

Ambition leads to great things. We achieve our goals, accelerate on our path, and challenge others to set higher goals. But through this ambitious path, are we actually helping others, or just ourselves?

For each person, the answer is different. People are criticizing Richard Branson for spending $841 million on his space exploration adventure considering the pressing needs for many people on this planet.

It’s easy to look at incredibly wealthy people like Branson and wish they would throw a significant portion of their money at big issues like poverty rather than joy rides to space.

It’s harder to actually…

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