Retirement is the start of death

Most people follow an outdated work model. Go to school, graduate college, grind away for 40 years, and then retire at long last. Retirement is when you’re supposed to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor.

But what if I told you that retirement is actually a bad thing?

Anything that does not grow slowly starts to die. In retirement, the days get slower and many people stop growing. Sure, there’s more time to spend with loved ones, and that’s the biggest plus with retirement.

However, why wait after 40+ years of working to live out your best life? The…

One of the worst financial fates someone can endure is losing all of their hard earned money in a matter of days or weeks. While this doesn’t happen to most people, it unfortunately does happen to some people.

$100,000 turns into $0 and a few hard years of work go down the drain. It’s incredibly heart breaking just to think about this scenario, but it’s one we must actively seek to avoid.

There are several reasons why some people lose large chunks of money seemingly overnight. These are five of the more common reasons why this phenomena happens.

Not Tracking Their Expenses

If you…

Coinbase stock is different from the actual coins…

I’m not a fan of cryptocurrencies. They shoot up for little to no reason, with most of the ascent fueled by greed. I’ve heard people talk about Bitcoin going to $500K or $1 million. There’s a lot of mania in the space and no true way to determine intrinsic value for the coins.

For those reasons, I initially overlooked the upcoming Coinbase IPO. I saw the company as another investment into crypto that would become ridiculously overvalued and eventually end up badly. After doing some research on Coinbase for a YouTube video, I changed my tune.

There are things to…

Taking a closer look at your home, transportation, and food

Building wealth isn’t just about making a ton of money. If you make a handsome salary but spend even more lavishly, you won’t build wealth. Living below your means is required for anyone who wants to become wealthy.

However, some people take living below their means too far and others struggle to invest some extra money each month. Increasing income and decreasing expenses are the two ways you end up with more money. While income expansion takes time, you can make immediate changes to your expenses.

If you get the expenses right, you won’t fall into the trap of lifestyle…

Your focus shapes your outcomes

Investing is a mental game. You have to ride out the lows and not get overconfident on the highs. Many opportunities can present themselves to you at a moment’s notices. It’s easy for investors to feel overwhelmed about all of the choices they have.

In the day to day moment, it’s easy to get caught up on short-term performance and the news around the stock market. However, the most successful investors are always focused on the big picture. They think in terms of years and decades instead of weeks and months. …

The lesser known elements of investing success

Almost every wealthy person builds up their fortune through investments. Your income can only go so far, and if it’s sitting in the bank, it’s slowly whittling away.

There are plenty of best practices that can help you become a better investor. You may know the most popular ones such as time in the market rather than timing the market and buy the dip.

Those are great starting points, but investing is far more than buying and holding your favorite stocks. …

Crunching the numbers to see if dividend investing is viable

Dividend investing is a slow and steady path to retirement. You won’t retire from this investing strategy in a single year. In fact, most people won’t retire from dividend investing for over a decade.

You’ll have to do most of the heavy lifting in the early stages of the process. Dividend growth and reinvestment will eventually do the heavy lifting, but it takes many years of your own efforts to reach that level.

While the overall concept of allocating a ton of money into dividend stocks is the same for everyone, the path to retirement isn’t the same for everyone.

Your Expenses Determine When And How You Retire

A Personal Investing Strategy That Might Help You

After sharing personal finance and investing strategies in a variety of articles, I decided to do something different. Rather than share another set of tactics, I thought it would be better to share my investing strategy…what I’m currently doing and goals for the future.

Looking over the shoulder of an investor is a great way to learn. Even if you disagree with the strategies I use for my portfolio, it’s good to get multiple perspectives.

My Portfolio Distribution

Most of my portfolio is in growth stocks, but I’ve been growing my dividend positions lately. Someday, I want my dividend payments to cover the…

Common pitfalls to avoid on the path to wealth

Your 20s are some of the best years to build up your financial wealth. Your expenses are at the lowest they’ll ever be. The money you invest now will have several decades to compound by the time you’re ready to retire.

Unfortunately, not everyone in their 20s thinks about the opportunity they have in the moment. Schools don’t provide personal finance educations, so people often mismanage their money.

According to joint research by the Association of Young Americans and AARP, more than half of Americans spend more than they make. …

Every safety measure adds up

Some people see their portfolios rapidly grow during a volatile market while others see their portfolios tumble. The reason many investors eventually lose ground on their portfolios is their portfolios lack protection from downward motion.

Historically, buying and holding will get you through most of the dips. Solid companies eventually return to their all-time highs, and if you believe in your investments, you shouldn’t be in a rush to sell them when they drop 10%. In fact, those types of drops often present great buying opportunities.

However, a buy and hold strategy hurts in the moment when your portfolio corrects…

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