Experience more of the world without blowing the bank

Many people want to travel to different parts of the world. People want to see the sites, have new experiences, and spend quality time with the people who matter the most.

It’s no wonder many of us are drawn to traveling, but that comes at a cost. Entertainment, transportation, and lodging are some of the expenses you’ll incur as part of your vacationing. While most people view the expenses as a necessary exchange for a great time, you can make a meaningful dent in the amount of money you pay for a vacation. …

The best advice is easy to find if you know where to look

Financial articles, videos, and podcast episode are scattered across the web. So much information is easily accessible at our fingertips. While this truth carries many advantages, it’s also thrown us into a sea of information.

Navigating through personal finance lessons can feel overwhelming. However, if you’re looking to refine your self-education on this important topic, consider these three sources of knowledge.

Personal Stories

You can learn a lot from a person’s journey. You’ll hear how people became successful and built their wealth. You’ll also hear about how people blew through their savings and went into debt.

Most people only want to hear…

You don’t have to be on Medium full-time to make a solid income

Some people make a full-time income on Medium, but almost no one I know actually works full-time hours on this site.

Many writers on this platform can bust out a 1,000 word article in under an hour. In fact, it’s possible to achieve the same goal in under 30 minutes.

1,000 words in 30 minutes only implies roughly 33 words per minute. That’s less than the average 40 WPM. Granted, writers must come up with ideas to fill up their articles, but as you write more often, you’ll have no problem typing 40 WPM or more.

Unless you find a…

Everyone has to start somewhere

Money accumulation is a long-term journey. It’s a frame of mindset that involves many years of planning and action taking. When you begin building wealth from scratch, it can look daunting.

Hitting a retirement number seems impossible in the moment, but if you expand your horizon, it becomes more possible. Retirement in a year is almost impossible. Retirement in 20 years is more doable.

Regardless of the time horizon, building wealth from scratch relies on five key pillars.

Focus On Your Expenses

This is the area of personal finance where you have the most control. Every expense is your choice. You choose to buy…

The more you save, the more you earn

Saving money is an important part of building wealth. No matter how much you make, if you don’t save any of it, you won’t have a smooth retirement.

Saving money early on gives you more to invest in the moment. Investing more money in the present moment gives that money additional time to compound year after year. Time in the market is a critical factor for portfolio expansion, but it all starts with saving more of your money. Here are some ways to build up your savings.

Review Your Expenses

Most people do not understand their current financial status. They just assume that…

No YOLOs or Musk worshipping here

A common thread has emerged amongst many investors. This pattern attributes to the rise in Elon Musk’s popularity and the accelerated growth of Wall Street Bets.

We find ourselves in an environment where it’s harder to pay off significant expenses. Student debt cripples millions of people while inflation decreases the purchasing power of the money we’ve managed to save.

House prices are continuing to skyrocket and BlackRock seems like it’s on a mission to take home ownership away from the middle class. …

Nope…that’s not a contradictory headline

The way Medium’s Partner Program works is simple. Write a ton of articles, see what works, and continue writing more of what works. While it’s not easy, it certainly is simple.

If you write enough articles and generate enough engagement, you might get a bonus at the end of the month.

Some writers make a full-time income just from the Medium Partner Program. Most writer don’t make too much from the Medium Partner Program, especially not enough when it comes to paying the bills.

However, Medium is a great income stream for many people. A few extra hundred dollars each…

Navigating the most important decade for your wealth

Your 20s are generally considered the most important investing years because your cost of living is so low. You likely aren’t raising kids at this age unless it’s very late into your 20s, and more young adults live with their parents.

You’ve got plenty of time in your 20s to expand your career, get the second job or side hustle, and work hard for your money. Playing your cards right in your 20s can shave off multiple decades from your retirement plan, especially if you opt for the more reliable semi-retirement lifestyle.

In your 20s, your necessary expenses are lower…

Generate income without any work involved

Finding undervalued dividend stocks is a great way to generate reliable cashflow from a relatively hands-off investment. The only work involved with dividend stocks is finding great picks, adding onto them, and monitoring them. It’s considerable less work than accumulating cashflow as a landlord.

Once you master the ability to find undervalued dividend stocks, it’s then just a matter of building your portfolio. These stocks present a great balance for growth oriented investors who often aim for home runs rather than singles and doubles.

Finding The Right Valuations

The first step to finding undervalued dividend stock is deciding what undervalued means to you. Some…

Don’t burn your money on these investments

The stock market is filled with numerous investing opportunities. While some of those investments can bring great riches over time, other stocks trap your money and can take you on an unenjoyable ride.

Investors use various criteria to determine whether a stock is a buy at current prices or one to ignore. However, if you see any of these dangerous warning signs, chances are the stock is overvalued.

The X of Y

The Netflix of China. The Tesla of China. The General Motors of carpet cleaning. …

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