5 Small Habits That Will Ignite Your Productivity

These habits will help you get your work done.

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If you get the little things right, you’ll eventually get the big things right too.

The smallest but very significant part of our lives are the habits we develop. These habits act as a guiding North Star. By consciously taking control of our habits, we dictate where the North Star leads us.

Some habits are more crucial than others, but these 5 small habits are designed to help you ignite your productivity.

Plan Out Your Day The Night Before

Has it ever taken you some time to gain momentum at the start of the day? If so, this habit is one of the best you can start implementing in your life.

Every night, map out what your next day will look like. List all of the tasks you want to complete and then assign a time to each task. Ever since I created a complete day’s schedule that starts at 7:30am, I’ve been going to bed and waking up earlier.

Not planning out your day the night before gives you the ability to plan out your day as you go. Sometimes this can work well, but many times you’ll be off to a slow start. Set up your schedule so you always know how you’ll start your day and when you’re supposed to work on each task you’d like to check off the list.

Start Each Day On A High Note

The beginning of the day is a reliable predictor of how the rest of your day will look. If you struggle to get out of the gate in the morning, then you’ll have this lag carry over the entire day.

However, if you start each day on a high note, you’ll build up momentum which can carry you throughout the day.

Starting each day on a high note doesn’t require an incredible achievement right away. In this case, momentum is the high note. As a writer, I focus on writing 100 words within 20 minutes of waking up. Small goals like these allow you to start the day on a high note and build up momentum.

Exercise 1–2 Times Per Day

Exercise does many great things for your body and mind. You’ll get stronger and an added dopamine rush. Exercising also presents a great opportunity for refreshment.

If I hit a productivity block, I’ll separate myself from my work and get in some exercise. I almost never run or exercise first thing in the morning. I use exercise as a break to distance myself from work so I can come back fully recharged.

Rather than just exercise once, I sometimes exercise twice. The reasoning for exercising twice a day is to reset my energy levels. Think about how great you feel after a workout. I’ve set up my schedule so I can get that feeling multiple times in a given day.

Exercise can range from a 1 hour run, 15 minute bike ride, or even just a 5 minute stretching session. All of these workouts will help you get fit and boost your productivity in the process.

Eat Smaller Meals

Eating smaller meals may seem unproductive as you’ll end up doing more meal prep. However, eating smaller meals helps you maintain energy via a consistent blog glucose level.

Have you ever felt tired after a big lunch? Better question…when haven’t you felt tired after a big lunch?

Most people simply eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but you should incorporate small meals before lunch and dinner.

You can and should also make your lunch and dinner smaller to account for the small meals spread throughout the day. You could also slice your lunch and dinner in half to add in the small meals.

If you eat two chickens during dinner, you can create a new schedule where you’ll have one of those chickens before the lunch meal and another chicken for the dinner meal.

While I am mentioning chicken in this example, a less time intensive food like 1–2 jelly sandwiches can also be part of your small meal plan.

You’ll end up eating close to the same amount of food each day, but you’ll have a consistent energy flow that won’t get depleted by a big lunch or dinner.

Schedule Learning Time

We’ll bring this list full circle with an important activity to schedule into each day. Learning does not end after graduating college. At that moment, you have only scratched the surface.

Determine what areas of your life you want to get better at and start learning. Read articles, buy books, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and do everything else you feel like doing to learn about those key areas.

Scheduling at least 30 minutes each day just for learning can bring you a long way if you compound that learning over several years.

Incorporating a habit into your life is the hardest part. Once you can perform a habit like clockwork, it will continue to impact your life. Adding these small habits to your life will yield great rewards now and over the long-term.

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